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Course of the Month
  • Celebrate "CONSTITUTION DAY" Sept.17th, 2011. Learn how the US Constitution was established.
  • To Launch the course: once logged into learnDOJ, select the "Catalog" tab and search for "US Constitution" Click on "Add to To-Do list", then select "Go to Content" to launch course. (Approval may be needed)

learnDOJ Reference Guide
  • Find out about new features and functions such as online Individual Development Plans, the new External Training Request (SF-182) process, and new Learning Support Tools.

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Whether you're looking to discover new learning opportunities, better manage your career, request external training or connect your employees with the learning they need, learnDOJ provides new features and services to help.

  • Explore the enhanced catalog and try new online tools. Find the learning that best suits your needs, whether it is classroom, a web-based course or an online book.
  • Enter your Individual Development Plan online. Manage your career goals and track your progress throughout the year.
  • Use the new external training process (SF-182) to request the learning you need to further your career.
  • Track your employees learning needs with features like the new supervisory dashboard.

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